Detailed description of the shipping container export process

Release date:2019-12-05 10:41:09

01, sender inquiry purchase:
Basic goods information content: port of departure, port of destination, cabinet type, container quantity, is it necessary to check the goods by customs, product name, cargo weight?

Extra product information:
Dangerous Goods: MSDS, shipping certificate (this item can not be submitted to the shipping company for approval first, and sometimes it is OK to not need a shipping opinion)
Freezer: Pre-set temperature, the master wants to open the ventilation holes, is it necessary to pre-cool?
Special cabinet: Is it super high and what is the size?
02. Freight forwarding company prices
The price is given to the same industry (price-oriented price): Generally, the existing resources are reported. Due to the advantages of the price, most of the technical terms are CY-CY. Very few addresses can serve as destination port and departure port services. Relative profitability is low.
Report to direct customers (required price for service items): Generally quote the price of the scope of the service items that the customer must, the price can be found in the full service DOOR-CY.
03. Accept the price, sender to BOOKING
When the price is accepted by the customer. The delivery time is specified first, and the sender sends BOOKING to the shipper.
BOOKING content establishes information content: the carrier company rises, and the shipper company rises.
Port of departure / collection place, destination port / collection place, cabinet type, container quantity, is it necessary to check the goods by customs, product name, cargo weight, shipping date (cut time), price.
04 ? Sea Booking
Tier 2 freight forwarding company: Authorize to entrust shipping booking freight forwarding company to make shipping bookings to shipping companies; shipping booking freight forwarding companies (first-class freight forwarding companies): shipping bookings to shipping companies immediately
The shipping company also has the capacity of shipping space. The sea shipping booking was successful and the shipping company's S / O was obtained.
05, Assignment
According to the time range of S / O and the delivery time conveniently allocated by the sender, get in touch with the customs clearance company for the loading and customs clearance time.
06. Do the heavy lifting and apply for VGM
Send the SO to the car dealership, and the car dealership will hold the S / O to make an order, and drive the machine and equipment to take over the pick-up at the depot.
Drag the cabinet to the loading point and load it by the organization.
Packing is carried out and the sealing lock is locked. It also returned to the port yard.
When the port entered the storage yard and weighed, the VGM statistics were obtained, and the VGM statistics obtained by individuals were applied on the official website of the shipping company.