About us

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Aibo International Co., Limitedis a national first-class freight agency approved by the Ministry of Commerce. At the same time, it is an operator of non-vessel carrier (GD201907123951) company approved by the Ministry of Transport. Rapid and comprehensive development. Supported by advanced logistics IT systems, fully integrate company and social logistics resources to provide customers with comprehensive logistics and value-added services.

Aibo International Logistics services cover a wide range of professional fields such as shipping, air transport, multimodal transport, bonded area logistics, supply chain solution design, customs declaration and inspection. The highly efficient service network has spread all over the world, with more than a hundred partners overseas, and branches or representative offices in major cities in China to provide customers with easy and convenient caring services.

Companies adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic, rigorous, innovative" business philosophy, is committed to creating a comprehensive logistics service provider with high reputation in Shenzhen and even China.

The company is rooted in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and radiates the Pearl River Delta. We focus on providing customers with "safe, fast and effective" international logistics services, and strive to accompany customers and grow together.

  • Strong transportation capacity

    It specializes in cargo transportation services throughout the country, has a rigorous transportation organization, and is a professional transportation company with integrated supply chains.

  • Strong service capabilities

    Dedicated to serve you 6 days and 12 hours

  • Strong business capabilities

    Quickly handle all kinds of service business, fast and punctually handle all kinds of transportation business

  • Vehicle transportation around

    China Logistics Co., Ltd. undertakes vehicle and LTL cargo transportation services from the Pearl River Delta to Shanghai, Beijing, Harbin, and other parts of the country.

  • Valuing valuables

    The company has strong transportation capacity, strong strength and reasonable price. Our company can pay a certain risk deposit according to the actual cargo volume, and valuables can be dispatched by special persons.

  • Improve supply management

    Relying on the solid cargo transportation, shore resources, and the overall strength of overseas institutions, we have extended and improved logistics supply chain management and won the trust of our customers.